Teaching Machines to Read Human Body Language

BodySLAM™ is a body-tracking software that uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to track and process human motion in real time.

Our proprietary BodySLAM™ software enables companies and developers to create frictionless human-machine interactions across a wide range of areas and industries. Best of all, it’s easy to set up and even easier to use, requiring only the hardware already on hand.

Unique Features

  • Deep Learning Model

  • Real Time

  • No Specialty Hardware 


  • Camera AR

    Human-Robot Interaction

    Eyes for Intelligent Assistants

  • Full-Body VR

    Human Behaviour Analysis

    Human Activity Recognition

 Markerless Motion Capture

BodySLAM™ finds the people in the pixels.

Original Image

Extracted via Computer Vision

Augmented with 3D Costume

Transported to a Completely Synthetic World



wrnch is obsessed with democratizing augmented reality.

– Mark Cuban, Investor and Board Member

About wrnch

wrnch is a software engineering company based in Montreal, Canada, a renowned hub for AI, computer animation and video games.

Working with leading companies across a variety of industries, wrnch delivers body-tracking applications through cutting-edge deep learning and game engine technology. The wrnch team possesses a wide range of skills, from deep learning and CV engineering to hardcore C++ game development.

A post-revenue startup, wrnch was founded by Paul Kruszewski, a successful serial AI entrepreneur, and is supported by knowledgeable and pragmatic investors, such as Mark Cuban.

Hardcore engineers excited by AI and computer vision should check out our job postings.