BodySLAM™: Human Pose Estimation Engine

BodySLAM™ is a high-performance deep learning runtime engine for human pose estimation.

BodySLAM™ analyzes regular RGB images/video and returns the 3D motion data for all the humans.

BodySLAM™ is:

  • Fast allowing real-time interactivity
  • Accurate tracking 23 body parts per person
  • Robust across large number of people in crowded conditions

BodySLAM™ supports:

  • CUDA
  • Metal Performance Shaders (iOS)
  • OpenCL (coming soon)

BodySLAM™ can be easily integrated into applications both on the edge and in the cloud and is pre-integrated into:

  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Unity

For information about our Denoiser SDK, have a look at our product brief.